BeanBag Fillings (STYROFOAM BALLS)

BeanBag Fillings (STYROFOAM BALLS)

BeanBag Fillings (STYROFOAM BALLS)

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Our bean bag refill pack is ideal for creating your own bean bag or adding filling to your existing beanbag or bean chair. Bean bags and bean bag furniture are not only comfortable and ergonomic but also fun, exciting and affordable. However, there is more to bean bags than the uniquely designed and colorful covers you see on the outside.

An average adult teardrop design beanbag contains about 2kg worth of fillings. We ship out our beanbag fillings in a white inner layer cover with zipper. 

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Filling Up?

Filling your bean bag does not have to take hours. Filling can be fun and it doesn’t have to be time consuming, if you follow these simple steps.

Always have two people to fill a bean bag, as filling on your own is quite difficult. Make sure you do this indoors in an area that is free from any wind or breeze. Turn off any fans or air-conditioners that will create air movement, as the lightweight beads will blow everywhere with the slightest breeze. Keep children, pets and babies locked out of the room you are using, as the lightweight beads can cause suffocation if ingested by a child or pet.

Dimensions: 92cm x 65cm

Weight: 2 KG

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BeanBag Fillings (STYROFOAM BALLS)
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