Winter Wool Socks (#88131)

Winter Wool Socks (#88131)

Winter Wool Socks (#88131)

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How to keep your feet warm this winter?
Do you feel the cold in your feet while walking? Unless you have exceptionally good circulation, you’re bound to feel the cold in your feet at some point during the winter. Your first layer of insulation is the most important, so good socks are vital and a very important investment.

Winter socks can generally be a little longer than summer ones, providing an increased overlap with tights and overshoes. 

Wool is versatile, its warm in cool weather and cool when its warm. Its fibers form pockets of air which insulate you naturally. You'll stay dry with wool and won't feel damp or chilled because wool wicks moisture away from your feet.


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Features :

  •  Free sizing and Stretchable Control
  •  Breathable
  •  Heat Insulation
  •  Soft Texture
  •  Cushioned Throughout And Reinforced From Heel To Toe
  • Fitting cuff for extra comfort

Toe to heel : 22cm

Heel to shin : 13cm

Free sizing; suitable for feet size 22-25cm

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Winter Wool Socks (#88131)
Winter Wool Socks (#88131)
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